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Spectral Dynamic Analysis of Torsional Vibrations of Thin-Walled Open Section Beams Restrained Against Warping at One End and Transversely Restrained at the Other End

Chellapilla Kameswara Rao 1, Lokavarapu Bhaskara Rao 2

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The present paper deals with spectral dynamic analysis of free torsional vibration of doubly symmetric thin-walled beams of open section. Spectral frequency equation is derived in this paper for the case of rotationally restrained doubly-symmetric thin-walled beam with one end rotationally restrained and transversely restrained at the other end. The resulting transcendental frequency equation with appropriate boundary conditions is derived and is solved for varying values of warping parameter and the rotational and transverse restraint parameter. The influence of rotational restraint parameter, transverse restraint parameter and warping parameter on the free torsional vibration frequencies is investigated in detail. A MATLAB computer program is developed to solve the spectral frequency equation derived in this paper. Numerical results for natural frequencies for various values of rotational and transverse restraint parameters for various values of warping parameter are obtained and presented in both tabular as well as graphical form showing the influence of these parameters on the first fundamental torsional frequency parameter.


Thin-walled beam; open section; torsion; spectral dynamic analysis; restrained cantilever

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