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by Nicholas Rescher
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The problem of Schrödinger’s Cat has figured prominently in the debates about the bearing of quantum physics on our understanding of physical reality. On its basis, various theorists have maintained the quantum physical world exhibits a probabilistically indecisive physical reality. The analysis of the paper that this appeal to quantum reality is methodologically at odds with and disjoint from its underlying approach to quantum theory itself. If there is to be methodological uniformity at this juncture it will have to be along the lines that Einstein always focused—an incomplete hidden factor (perhaps better than “hidden variables”) approach.


by Rajesh Tokse1, Kamal Wadhwa2, Vineet Kumar Agrawal3
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In this paper, we introduce the concepts of compatible mappings in D-metric spaces over Topological semi field and prove the common fixed point theorem.


by D.L. Suthar
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The aim of this paper is to study some properties of K-function introduced by Sharma. Here we establish two theorems which give the image of this K-function under the generalized fractional integral operators involving Fox’s H-function as kernel. Corresponding assertions in term of Euler, Whittaker and K-transforms are also presented. On account of general nature of H-function and K-function a number of results involving special functions can be obtained merely by giving particular values for the parameters.