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International Journal of Population Studies (IJPS) is an open access, multidisciplinary journal that publishes high quality original research and timely reviews of recent advances and emerging issues in population processes; dynamics of fertility, mortality, and migration; and linkages with socioeconomic and environmental change across times, spaces, and cultures.

The journal aims to provide a platform for researchers worldwide to promote and share cutting-edge knowledge and advances in different areas of population research. Article formats include original research, commentaries, meta analyses, perspectives, shorter technical research notes, review essays, and book reviews that address demography and population-related issues. The journal also offers special conference proceedings and other meetings.

Vol 8, No 2 (2022)


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by Milanko Čabarkapa, Teodora Safiye, Medo Gutić
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Human life and activities are associated with risk, as risk is inherent in all forms of human existence and action. Risk is regarded as a phenomenological variable considering how people perceive it, especially during a crisis they experience. This paper discusses the characteristics of human behavior in a crisis, with an emphasis on hazard perception and risk assessment, for the purpose of understanding people’s decisions and adaptation before, during, and after a crisis. The discussion focuses on the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic.



Special Issue: Active Ageing and Educational Gerontology--Call for Papers


Dear Colleagues

The World Health Organization designed educational gerontology as the foundation that supports the three key pillars of active ageing - namely, health, social participation and income security. Lifelong learning opportunities in later life enable older persons to age successfully, and remain socially relevant and engaged in society. The integration of lifelong learning into active ageing discourse functions to safeguard the right of persons to age positively since the potential role that learning might play in promoting quality of life in old age has long been recognized by academics and policy makers alike. Older adults’ participation in learning is independently and positively associated with social and psychological wellbeing, even among those typically classified as frail and/or vulnerable by allowing to strengthen their reserve capacities and remaining autonomous and fulfilled.

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Publication of Special Issue - Environment and Population Dynamics in South Asia


After more than a year, the publication of Special Issue - Environment and Population Dynamics in South Asia has finally come to an end. This thematic issue encompasses four research articles, three review articles, and an editorial that revolve around the issues related to population dynamics and its relationship with various environmental issues such as climate change and resilience, natural disaster, disaster management, waste management, WASH, urbanization and air pollution, climate change and migration, climate change and health etc.

We would like extend our sincere gratitude to Dr. Sangram Kishor Patel, the Guest Editor of this Special Issue for his relentless efforts in soliciting submissions and the editing process. We’re also indebted to Dr. Danan Gu, the Editor-in-Chief for his intellectual input for this Special Issue.

All publications of this Special Issue can be fully accessed at


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International Journal of Population Studies

Posted: 2020-11-09
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