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是一家年轻的出版公司,但 Whioce 是非常杰出的 EI 出版和出版行业的期刊。最终目标是 SSCI、AHCI 等一流的学术刊物,同时被认为是国际出版的有限公司。公司,为全球最顶尖研究人员提供人员知识共享和交流平台。

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Advances in Precision Medicine

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The journal, Advances in Precision Medicine (APM) brings together all aspects of the rapidly growing field of personalized/precision medicine.

Biomarkers are a key focus of APM’s scope. In particular, papers on stratification biomarkers and companion diagnostics enabling personalized medicine are highly welcome. Other categories of biomarkers accepted for consideration include pharmacodynamic biomarkers demonstrating target engagement which are potentially useful for dose finding, safety biomarkers to exclude patients with high risk for side effects or to detect induction of adverse effects early, and disease biomarkers which can be used for diagnosis, as surrogate endpoints, or to determine early response to therapy.

All stages in Biomarker Discovery (research and development) as well as its utilization, i.e. identification, validation and application will be covered. Apart from biomarkers and according assays, novel technologies, strategic and general aspects are of interest too. This includes approaches for marker/assay/device development strategies, collaborative approaches and regulatory aspects with impact on personalized medicine. Novel therapies, even if not guided by biomarkers, may be considered if they specifically target a particular molecule and/or a special patient subpopulation. Validation studies are highly encouraged. APM will also consider publishing negative data.

The target audiences of APM are the scientific and healthcare communities of basic scientists and clinicians from academiaregulatory institutions, and industry. This includes pharmadiagnostic and device companies.

Articles include original articles, reviews, perspectives, editorials, commentaries, position papers, conference reports and letters to the editor. The journal welcomes unsolicited article proposals in all categories except for “Editorials”. Authors are encouraged to refer to APM’s “Section Policies” for more information.

APM provides a vital forum for the exchange of important information in all areas of personalized medicine and biomarker research, development and application. We are devoted to making APM a high-quality, frequently cited journal that publishes superior scholarly articles and disseminates the latest advances in the field.

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