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Application of MATLAB in Chemical Engineering Experiment Data Processing

Chelin Wang, Ping Liang

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Vol 1, Issue 1, 2018, Article identifier:

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In the context of the continuous strengthening of China's comprehensive national strength, a large number of technical personnel have been trained, and various new technologies have also been developed rapidly. In the past, people engaged in chemical engineering not only need to do chemical experiments with high difficulty and danger, but also deal with complex experimental data, which not only aggravated the burden of researchers, but also wasted time and resources.So the study of Chemical Technology in China need to continue to reform and innovation, MATLAB is an innovative and efficient software, can handle a variety of complex data, thereby greatly reducing the workload of the researchers, now in various experiments of chemical engineering has been widely used.This paper will analyze and study the important role of MATLAB in the data processing part of chemical experiment.


MATLAB; data processing; innovative software; chemical engineering

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