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New initiatives for transforming clinical research in Korea

Deborah Chee, Min Soo Park, Ji-Hoon Sohn

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Vol 1, Issue 2, 2017, Article identifier:27–32

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Korea has continuously sought to improve its regulatory environment for clinical trials and has invested heavily in clinical trial infrastructure and technology since the early 2000’s. A strategic investment through the Korea National Enterprise for Clinical Trials (KoNECT) program began in 2007 and grew to encompass a network of regional clinical trial centers to promote clinical trial capabilities and human resource development. In early 2014, KoNECT became a permanent organization focused on the advancement of the country's clinical trial industry. This was followed by the establishment of the Korea Clinical Trials Global Initiative (KCGI) and the KoNECT Collaboration Center for global clinical trials (KCC). KCGI and KCC are now at the forefront of KoNECT’s efforts to promote higher operational efficiency in the country’s clinical trials. These new initiatives in clinical research are undertaking multichannel approaches to pursue a cohesive international collaboration model between government, industry and academia for the development of new treatments and improved patient care.


Korea clinical trials; new KoNECT; KCGI; KoNECT Collaboration Center; KIIS

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