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Medicines development in the Asia Pacific region

Victoria Elegant

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Vol 3, Issue 1, 2018, Article identifier:43-50

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The Asia Pacific region is an extremely diverse region, characterized by heterogeneity from a number of aspects, including culture, religion, economics, landscapes, and languages. This also applies to the standard of medical care and the regulatory requirements for approval of drugs in the region. Developed economies such as Japan and Australia have requirements which are not dissimilar to those of the EU and USA, but still have their own unique requirements. The developing economies all have their own requirements. In the ASEAN region there is harmonization of the dossier format, but each country still has local requirements. The region has seen significant growth in clinical trial activity, both to satisfy local registration and safety requirements and to help accelerate global trial patient recruitment. There is a clear need for training in all aspects of medical, regulatory, clinical and safety aspects of medicines development, which is being addressed through several organizations and at different locations in the region.


Asia Pacific; medicines development; drugs; biologics; clinical trial regulatory; safety; CPP; stability; ICH; dossier; ASEAN; CTD

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