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Social network services for innovative smart cities: the RADICAL platform approach

Fotis Aisopos, Antonios Litke, Magdalini Kardara, Konstantinos Tserpes, Pablo Martínez Campo, Theodora Varvarigou

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Vol 2, Issue 1, 2016, Article identifier:

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In this paper we present the RADICAL platform, a software stack that enables the combination of social network (SN) services and Internet of Things (IoT) in the context of innovative smart cities. RADICAL makes possible the development and deployment of interoperable pervasive multi-sensory and socially-aware services; facilitates smart governance and flexible replication of services across cities and regions through a Virtual Machine generation mechan-ism in a sophisticated cloud environment. A large scale piloting of the platform integrates, deploys and tests various services in the areas of Cycling Safety, Participatory Urbanism, Augmented Reality and others while a large group of citizens from different countries are actively involved in the co-creation, validation and evaluation of the RADICAL approach on the basis of an innovative Living Labs approach.


smart cities; cloud environment; internet of things; social networks; Living Labs

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