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Research and Analysis of Digital Baseband Transmission System Based on MATLAB

Chai Jianwen, Yinghui Nie

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Vol 1, Issue 1, 2017, Article identifier:

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This paper mainly studies the basic concept of baseband transmission of digital signal and the transmission process
of digital signal baseband transmission and how to design digital baseband transmission system with MATLAB
software simulation. This paper fi rst introduces the theoretical basis of this subject, including digital communication,
the composition of digital baseband transmission system and digital baseband signal transmission process. Then the
paper introduced the characteristics of digital baseband transmission system, including digital PAM signal power
density and common line pattern, and by comparing choosing the fi nal bipolar zero return code. Then we introduced
the MATLAB simulation software. The conditions of the best reception of the digital baseband signal are described
and how the waveform of the baseband signal is observed by an oscilloscope. Finally, according to the basic steps
of simulation process, the simulation process of digital baseband transmission system is realized by MATLAB
simulation tool, and the system is analyzed.

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