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Design of broadband metamaterial-based ferromagnetic absorber

Yan Shi 1, Jie Yang 1, Hua Shen 1, Zhankui Meng 1, Tong Hao 1

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Vol 2, Issue 2, 2018, Article identifier:

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In this paper, a metamaterial-based ferromagnetic absorber has been designed at microwave frequencies. The proposed absorber is composed of a periodic array of stacked circular ferromagnetic patches fabricated on the FR4 substrate. With the ferromagnetic property, the single-layer patch array generates a good resonant absorption mode. By stacking multiple ferromagnetic patches, the designed absorber with the absorption above 90% has a wide absorption bandwidth from 10 to 21 GHz. Due to the symmetric structure, the proposed absorber is polarization insensitive. At oblique incident with the incident angle of 45o, the good absorption more than 80% can be achieved in the whole operation band.


Ferromagnetic; metamaterial; absorber; broadband; polarization insensitive

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