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Effect of repair methods on mechanical behaviors of repair area in composite laminate fuselage skin with different damage size

Liping Liu 1, Yucan Wang 1, Jing Tian 1, Ruifeng Wang 1, Jianxin Xu 1

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Vol 2, Issue 3, 2018, Article identifier:

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Composite laminates are widely used in the large civil aircrafts because of their excellent mechanical properties. The maintenance and repair of composite laminates become essential. In this paper, a new adhesive-rivet hybrid repair of composite laminate fuselage skin is presented. For the circular hole damage with the diameter of 90mm and 50mm, the finite element simulation models of adhesive repair and adhesive-rivet hybrid repair were built respectively. Uniform pressure load was applied on these finite element models. The mechanical properties of laminate motherboard, patch and adhesive film for these four models were analyzed. The effects of adhesive repair, adhesive-rivet hybrid repair on mechanical behaviors of repair areas of composite laminate fuselage skins with different damage size were studied. By analyzing the mechanical behaviors of these two repair methods, a suitable repair method can be obtained.


stress distribution; adhesive repair; adhesive-rivet hybrid repair; composite laminate fuselage skin

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