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Vol 2 , No 2 (Published) 3D Monte Carlo simulation modeling for the electrical conductivity of carbon nanotube-incorporated polymer nanocomposite using resistance network formation Abstract   PDF
Nanzhu Zhao 1, Yongha Kim 1, Joseph H. Koo 1
Vol 3, No 1 (In publishing) 3D simulation of transversely isotropic laminated composites in RTM using poromechanics Abstract   PDF
Mohammad Sadegh Rouhi 1, Maciej Wysocki 2
Pre-published article A state-of-the-art review of the use of shape memory alloy to improve seismic performance of structures Abstract   PDF
Kezia Varughese
Vol 1 , No 1 (Published) Advanced composite materials manufacturing technology Abstract   PDF
Tang Zhijin, Hongliang Zhang, Mingqi Sun, Xiaoting Zhao
Vol 1 , No 1 (Published) Application of Composite Materials in Engine Abstract   PDF
Ma Jinsheng, Liwei Shen, Yongxiang He
Vol 1 , No 1 (Published) Carbon Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Resin Matrix Composites Abstract   PDF
Yu Zhiyuan, Rongchang Li, Zhenghua Peng, Yonglian Tang
Vol 2 , No 1 (Published) Correlations between dynamic fragility, activation energy and glass transition temperature in polymeric composite materials: An overview from literature Abstract   PDF
Heitor Luiz Ornaghi Junior 1, Matheus Poletto 2, Felipe Gustavo Ornaghi 3
Vol 2 , No 2 (Published) Design of broadband metamaterial-based ferromagnetic absorber Abstract   PDF
Yan Shi 1, Jie Yang 1, Hua Shen 1, Zhankui Meng 1, Tong Hao 1
Vol 2, No 3 ( Published) Effect of repair methods on mechanical behaviors of repair area in composite laminate fuselage skin with different damage size Abstract   PDF
Liping Liu 1, Yucan Wang 1, Jing Tian 1, Ruifeng Wang 1, Jianxin Xu 1
Vol 3, No 1 (In publishing) Effects of Shielding Gas Pureness on Quality of Orbital TIG Welded Austenitic Stainless-Steel Joints Abstract   PDF
Jacek Górka, Bernard Wyględacz, Marcin Żuk
Vol 2 , No 1 (Published) Fabrication and investigation of polymer-based carbon composite as gas diffusion layer of proton exchange membrane of fuel cells Abstract   PDF
Reza Taherian 1, Mohammad Matboo Ghorbani 1, Mohammad Nasr 2, Seyed Rahim Kiahosseini 3
Vol 2 , No 1 (Published) Investigation of the mechanical and physical properties of PLA produced by injection molding for matrix material of polymer composites Abstract   PDF
Sedef Cakir 1, Muhammed Aycicek 1, Akin Akinci 1
Vol 2, No 3 ( Published) Machining millimeter-scale deep holes in SiCf/SiC material using femtosecond laser filamentation effect Abstract   PDF
Jie Zhao 1,2, Wenjun Wang 1,2, Ruijia Wang 1,2, Jianlei Cui 1,2
Vol 2 , No 2 (Published) Mechanical and structural properties of termite soil as a partial replacement to cement for different applications Abstract   PDF
Assia A. Mahamat 1, Salifu T. Azeko 2
Pre-published article Mechanical properties and flexural behaviour of fibrous cementitious composites containing hybrid, kenaf and barchip fibres in cyclic exposure Abstract   PDF
Muhamad Fadli Samsudin 1*, Mahyuddin Ramli 1, Cheah Chee Ban 1
SM Sapuan 1,2,,b, S. Izwan 1a
Vol 2 , No 2 (Published) Metallic nanoformulations: Green synthetic approach for advanced drug delivery Abstract   PDF
Afreen Usmani 1, Pragyandip P Dash 2, Anuradha Mishra 1
Vol 2 , No 1 (Published) Physicho and electrochemical characterization of PVC incorporated ZP composite membrane and their important parameters through applying TMS equation Abstract   PDF
Mohd Arsalan 1, Aiman Zehra 1, Mohammad Mujahid Ali Khan 2
Vol 1 , No 1 (Published) Preparation and Forming Technology of Particle Reinforced Aluminum Matrix Composites Abstract   PDF
Tian Xiangrong, Aiqin Zhu, Jishan Wei, Ranyang Han
Pre-published article Prepare Foam with Injection Molding Method in Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS) Matrix Using Chemical Foam Agent Abstract   PDF
Akin Akinci 1, Muhammet AYCICEK 1, Sedef CAKIR 1
Vol 1 , No 1 (Published) Rocess Design of Fiber Reinforced Magnesium Matrix Composites Abstract   PDF
Ding Hualun, Ximin Gong, Xiaoxuan Shang
Vol 2, No 3 ( Published) Short beam strength and flexural behavior of GFRP laminates embedded with short carbon fibers having notch Abstract   PDF
Prashant Rawat 1, K. K. Singh 2, B. N. Tripathi 1
Vol 2 , No 1 (Published) The effect of foaming agent on mechanical and physical properties of Polypropylene Abstract   PDF
Vol 2 , No 1 (Published) The effect of hydrodynamic cavitation on performance of the alkaline aluminosilicate coatings for metal structures Abstract   PDF
Sergii GUZII 1, Pavel KRIVENKO 1
Vol 2 , No 1 (Published) The structure and properties of laser seam stepper system (LSS) welded the low alloy high strength steel DOCOL 1200M with martensitic structure Abstract   PDF
Jacek Górka 1, Andrzej Ozgowicz 2
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