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Preparation and Study of Waterborne Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Agent

Yuan Chunfei

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Vol 1, Issue 1, 2018, Article identifier:

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The precursor Ni0.76Co0.1Mn0.1 (OH) 2 was prepared by coprecipitation method. The precursor was mixed with
Mg (OH) 2 / Zn (NO3) 2 / TiO2 and LiOH.H2O, Li2CO3 to synthesize doped lithium Ion layer positive electrode
material Li [Ni0.8-xCo0.1Mn0.1Mx] O2 (x = 0.04). The effects of synthesis conditions on the chemical properties
of the composites were discussed. The synthesized samples were prepared by scanning electron microscopy (SEM),
thermogravimetry - diff erential thermal analysis (TG / DTA), X - ray diff raction (XRD) and constant current charge
- Testing and characterization. The results show that the crystallinity of Li [Ni0.8-xCo0.1Mn0.1Mx] O2 (x = 0.04)
prepared at 900 ℃ for 20 h is good, and it has good layered structure. The properties of the doped elements The results
show that the electrochemical performance of the samples with Mg and Zn is good, and the fi rst discharge capacity is
0.1.5mA.h / g and 144.2 mA.h / g (2.8 ~ 4.6 V vs Li + / Li ), The fi rst charge and discharge effi ciency was 51.8% and
58.1% respectively, and the capacity retention rates after 8 and 10 cycles were 92.4% and 78.5% respectively. The fi rst
discharge capacity of the Ti doped sample was 51.3 mA.h / G, poor electrochemical performance.

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