Vol 4, No 1 (Call for Paper)

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by Taj Muhammad Khan, Morten Christian Meyer
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Laser based efficient new nanofabrication methods with technical feasibility for the fast uptake in industrial application are of significant global demand. A recent simplest approach in this way is the standard pulsed laser deposition (PLD), used since 1960s after the development of high power lasers. Over all, PLD is a fit method towards the preparation of a variety of nanomaterials only for research purpose. Nevertheless, the method is relatively slow and could not adopted in industrial scale application. A recent new-fangled development in this direction is the atmospheric-PLD (APLD), where ablation of the target by a laser pulse occurs at atmospheric gas pressure and the ablated material is delivered to the substrate using a flowing medium such as gas or atmospheric plasma. With this method, a variety of nanomaterials such as plasmonic metal NP film could be produced for practical ap