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Original Research Articles

by Huang Huanhai
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The potential crisis of energy and the deterioration of ecological environment make the world's cumbersome
development of renewable energy including new energy, including solar energy. Traditional energy in the coal, oil and
natural gas are evolved from ancient fossils, it is collectively referred to as fossil fuels. As the world's energy needs
continue to increase, fossil fuels will also be depleted, it is necessary to fi nd a new energy to replace the traditional
energy. Solar energy is a clean renewable energy with mineral energy incomparable superiority. Modern society should
be a conservation-oriented society, and social life should also be a life-saving energy. At the same time, Premier Wen
Jiabao also proposed on June 30, 2005 and stressed the need to speed up the construction of a conservation-oriented
society. And solar energy as an inexhaustible new environmentally friendly energy has become the world's energy
research work in the world an important issue. Is the world in the economic situation to take a simpler, economical,
environmentally friendly and reliable building heating and heating energy-saving measures. This paper summarizes the
current global energy status, indicating the importance of solar power and prospects. Details of the various solar power
generation methods and their advantages, and made a comparison of this power generation parameters. At the same
time pointed out that the diffi culties faced by solar power and solutions, as well as China's solar power of the favorable
conditions and diffi culties. The future of China's solar energy made a prospect.

Original Research Articles

by Zhong Xiuhua
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Polyethylene has become the most important polyolefi n plastic with excellent mechanical properties, processing
properties and chemical resistance. It is used in the production of film, packaging and pipe. However, the nonpolar
property and low rigidity of polyethylene limits its application in certain fi elds. The new progress of chemical
modifi cation, physical modifi cation and modifi cation of polyethylene were reviewed. Chemical modifi cation includes
graft modification, copolymerization modification, crosslinking modification, chlorination, chlorosulfonation
modification and plasma modification. There are different methods of polyethylene production which include high
pressure polyethylene, medium pressure polyethylene and low pressure polyethylene. All three methods have their own
benefi ts and shortcomings which coexist in the industry.

Original Research Articles

by Yuan Chunfei
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The precursor Ni0.76Co0.1Mn0.1 (OH) 2 was prepared by coprecipitation method. The precursor was mixed with
Mg (OH) 2 / Zn (NO3) 2 / TiO2 and LiOH.H2O, Li2CO3 to synthesize doped lithium Ion layer positive electrode
material Li [Ni0.8-xCo0.1Mn0.1Mx] O2 (x = 0.04). The effects of synthesis conditions on the chemical properties
of the composites were discussed. The synthesized samples were prepared by scanning electron microscopy (SEM),
thermogravimetry - diff erential thermal analysis (TG / DTA), X - ray diff raction (XRD) and constant current charge
- Testing and characterization. The results show that the crystallinity of Li [Ni0.8-xCo0.1Mn0.1Mx] O2 (x = 0.04)
prepared at 900 ℃ for 20 h is good, and it has good layered structure. The properties of the doped elements The results
show that the electrochemical performance of the samples with Mg and Zn is good, and the fi rst discharge capacity is
0.1.5mA.h / g and 144.2 mA.h / g (2.8 ~ 4.6 V vs Li + / Li ), The fi rst charge and discharge effi ciency was 51.8% and
58.1% respectively, and the capacity retention rates after 8 and 10 cycles were 92.4% and 78.5% respectively. The fi rst
discharge capacity of the Ti doped sample was 51.3 mA.h / G, poor electrochemical performance.

Original Research Articles

by Lin Xiaonan
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Flame-retardant ABS resin was prepared by adding fl ame retardant, toughening agent and dispersing silicone oil
with acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene resin (ABS, grade 0215 A) as raw material. The results showed that in the ABS
resin, fl ame retardant with tetrabromobisphenol A and antimony trioxide as the composite system (the mass ratio of
2:1) was added. When the bromine content of the system was more than 10%, the flame retardant ABS meets the
requirements of UL 94 V-0. The best toughening agent for flame retardant ABS resin is ABS graft powder. When
the amount of fl ame retardant ABS is 9% ~ 19% (mass fraction) Strength of 150-200 J / m; in the same formula and
operating conditions, brominated alkylene oxide as fl ame retardant prepared fl ame retardant ABS resin, the weather
resistance is better than tetrabromobisphenol A as fl ame retardant The Composite expansion fl ame retardant and coated
red phosphorus is an eff ective halogen-free fl ame retardant.

Original Research Articles

by Ye Yanping
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Polyurethane is one of the six promising synthetic materials in the world. Due to its excellent product performance
and wide application field, it is a crucial industry of development in the world. This paper introduces the progress
of polyurethane industry in recent years which includes polyurethane raw materials, classification and application
prospects. The research methods and principles of waterborne polyurethane were mainly studied. At the same time, the
development of new polyurethane materials was held forward.