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Arithmetic relaxation time of induced polarization fractal dimension for characterizing Shajara Reservoirs of the Shajara Formation, Saudi Arabia

Khalid Elyas Alkhidir

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Vol 2, Issue 1, 2018, Article identifier:

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Sandstone samples were collected from the surface type section of the Shajara Formation of the Permo-Carboniferous Unayzah Group for detailed reservoir characterization. Capillary pressure experiment was performed to contact porosity and permeability was derived from the Data. Arithmetic relaxation time of induced polarization was calculated from the distribution of Permeability and the fractal dimension was calculated from the relationship between wetting phase saturation and Arithmetic relaxation time of induced polarization. In addition to field observation and obtained results of fractal dimension values, the Shajara reservoirs of the Shajara Formation of the permo-Carboniferous Unayzah Group were divided here into three fractal dimension units. The Units from base to top are: Lower, Middle, and Upper Shajara Arithmetic Relaxation Time Fractal dimension Units. It was also reported that the obtained fractal dimension speeds with increasing permeability and relaxation time due to an increase in pore connectivity.


Shajara Formation; Shajara Reservoirs; Permeability; fractal dimension

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