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Experimental Progress of Semiconductor Nanomaterials

Guan Weiqing, Bing Han, Xiaoxia Yang

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Vol 1, Issue 1, 2017, Article identifier:

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The research of semiconductor nanomaterials is the forefront of contemporary science and technology. Because of
its optical nonlinearity and luminescent properties diff erent from the bulk materials, it has great application prospect
in the future optical switch, optical storage, light fast conversion and ultra-high speed processing. By arranging the
commonly used low-dimensional semiconductor nanomaterials preparation methods and methods of characterization,
then compare them, it can helps to open up ideas and aids for in-depth thinking. In this paper, the preparation methods
of laser ablation, carbon nanotube template, molten salt, solution-liquid-solid method and template electrochemical
method are introduced. The characterization method is analyzed from particle size and morphology, composition and
structure analysis, surface interface analysis and several other aspects.

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