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Preparation of Cage Nanoporous Silica and Its Application in Chromatographic Fillers

Liang Hongyan, Lili Hu, Xiaoxiao Jin, Shanyue Yang

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Vol 1, Issue 1, 2017, Article identifier:

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In this paper, the cage nanoporous silica is composed of ethyl orthosilicate as silicon source, triblock copolymer
poly (ethylene oxide) -poly (propylene oxide) -polyethylene oxide (F127) as structure guide agent and additive, while
the Fm3m cubic structure of cage type nanoporous silica was prepared by hydrothermal synthesis method. It is easy
to control the self-assembly of the silica triblock copolymer intermediates thermally. In addition, the change in sample
pore size and pore volume can be achieved by a hydrothermal reaction at a temperature of 100 ° C to 150 °C. Small
angle X-ray diff raction shows that these samples have ordered pores, while adsorption studies show that they have
high porosity, uniform distribution of bimodal pores and large pore volume. Use separation of p-methylbenzene borate,
iodobenzene and biphenyl by using three kinds of cage-type nanoporous silica materials as chromatographic fi llers. The
results showed that the material prepared at 130 ℃ under hydrothermal condition had the best eff ect on the separation
of three organic compounds.

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