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Effect on the Fermentation Results of Heterotrophic by Detoxification Technology of Straw Enzymatic Hydrolysate

Lei Yang, Yonglei Ying, Naiqun Zhang

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Vol 2, Issue 1, 2020, Article identifier:

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 Steam explosive material of straw contained a large number of fermentation inhibitors, which could inhibit the growth of microorganisms and reduce fermentation yield. It needed to be removed before enzymatic hydrolysis. The effects of different detoxification and washing processes on the fermentation of heterotrophic chlorella were studied in this paper. The results showed that the treatment of steam explosive by water-elution had no significant effect on the normal growth and metabolism of heterotrophic chlorella. On this basis, multiple washing and water consumption (straw: water is 1:9) were used. After detoxification, the dry weight of heterotrophic chlorella reached 9.53 g/L at the end of fermentation, which was only 2.41% lower than that of the Effect on the fermentation results of heterotrophic by detoxification technology of straw enzymatic hydrolysatecontrol group, and could meet the needs of use.



Straw; Steam Explosion; Detoxification; Washing Method; High Temperature Drying Method

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