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Design of Battery Parameter Analysis Device Based on Labview

Sihong Pan

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Vol 1, Issue 1, 2018, Article identifier:

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Based on the design of labview battery parameter analyzer, this problem is a problem worthy of further study. The
main content of this thesis is to use labview software to design a program, through DAQmx will be in the physical
data (the battery of various parameters, such as: voltage, current, etc.) into the computer, through the already designed
program to measure various parameters of the battery. My main goal this time is to measure the battery's power.
Therefore, I need to measure the actual circuit by the battery voltage changes, current changes, and the time spent by
the software in the program analysis to calculate the battery actually have the power. Not only to calculate the total
power, but also to calculate the power per minute per second, and through the chart displayed. The biggest feature of
this topic is the theoretical design is more important, hardware devices and devices is not too complicated, of course,
only relatively speaking, so the biggest feature of this topic is that I designed the software program, the main function
is refl ected in the program Among them, the hardware device only played a supporting role.

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