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Identifi cation and characterization of components

Yueshan Lin

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Vol 1, Issue 1, 2018, Article identifier:

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In the information age, components in all kinds of electronic products occupy an important position, in particular, some
common electronic components, electronic products is essential to the basic material. The performance of various types
of components, features, the use of the scope of the function of the electronic product design and manufacturing has
a very important role especially in the past period. Along with the rapid development of the electronics industry, new
requirements and components industry is also constantly using new materials. New technology has introduced new
products for the development of electronic products to open up new ways. This chapter will be a number of commonly
used electronic components according to its type, performance characteristics and testing. As a brief introduction and
strive to have a wide range of components have a general understanding in order to facilitate product design and expand
the range of components used.

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