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by Guanghui Wei
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The trend of automobile development is safety, energy saving and environmental protection. Due to the development
and application of new technologies such as electronic technology, computer technology and information technology,
the electronic control of automobile has made great progress in the control precision, scope, adaptability and
intelligence and realized the fully optimized operation of the automobile. Therefore, in the reduction of emissions,
reduce fuel consumption, improve safety and comfort and many other aspects of electronic control technology has
obvious advantages. This is bound to require a large number of sensors in the car. These miniature sensors are small
enough to enable a wide range of new features, high-volume and high-precision production, low cost and easy to form
large-scale and multi-function arrays that make them ideal for automotive applications.


by Zhiyong Lu
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In China, the current use of box-type substation is widespread, all walks of life are in use, box-type substation, also
known as outdoor complete substation, is the high voltage power, transformer buck, low voltage distribution and other
functions organically combined, It is suitable for use in economic development zones where the load is concentrated,
and it is suitable for the economic development zone, the factory, the factory building, the factory building, the factory
building, the factory building, Mines, residential quarters and other urban public facilities, the user can be based on
diff erent conditions of use, load level selection box-type substation.


by Sihong Pan
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Based on the design of labview battery parameter analyzer, this problem is a problem worthy of further study. The
main content of this thesis is to use labview software to design a program, through DAQmx will be in the physical
data (the battery of various parameters, such as: voltage, current, etc.) into the computer, through the already designed
program to measure various parameters of the battery. My main goal this time is to measure the battery's power.
Therefore, I need to measure the actual circuit by the battery voltage changes, current changes, and the time spent by
the software in the program analysis to calculate the battery actually have the power. Not only to calculate the total
power, but also to calculate the power per minute per second, and through the chart displayed. The biggest feature of
this topic is the theoretical design is more important, hardware devices and devices is not too complicated, of course,
only relatively speaking, so the biggest feature of this topic is that I designed the software program, the main function
is refl ected in the program Among them, the hardware device only played a supporting role.


by Yueshan Lin
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In the information age, components in all kinds of electronic products occupy an important position, in particular, some
common electronic components, electronic products is essential to the basic material. The performance of various types
of components, features, the use of the scope of the function of the electronic product design and manufacturing has
a very important role especially in the past period. Along with the rapid development of the electronics industry, new
requirements and components industry is also constantly using new materials. New technology has introduced new
products for the development of electronic products to open up new ways. This chapter will be a number of commonly
used electronic components according to its type, performance characteristics and testing. As a brief introduction and
strive to have a wide range of components have a general understanding in order to facilitate product design and expand
the range of components used.


by Wenbin Qiu
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With the continuous development of diesel locomotives in the direction of single power, the heat dissipation of
the locomotive cooling system is getting bigger and bigger, and its performance directly affects the economy and
reliability of the locomotive. Due to the limitation of locomotive axle load and structural space size, there is a great
technical problem between the cooling system design and the arrangement of the cooling device and the overall
layout of the locomotive. The increase in the number of radiators, making the number of cooling system processes
are correspondingly increased, resulting in locomotive cooling system water resistance and water system pressure are
greatly improved. The traditional cooling system form and the radiator structure are diffi cult to meet the development
requirements of high power locomotive. Based on the conventional cooling system design method, a multi-process
radiator is proposed. The multi-process cooling system has the advantages of high cooling effi ciency, simple structure,
small auxiliary power consumption of the pump and high reliability of the cooling system components. In this paper,
the cooling system and its function, the existing cooling technology and the multi-process radiator are studied and
analyzed, and the three-process radiator and the single-process radiator are tested and compared. In this paper, a new
multi-process radiator structure scheme is proposed for the design requirements of CKD9 diesel locomotive cooling
system. The program eff ectively uses the radiator cooling water and cooling air temperature diff erence, to achieve the
purpose of increasing heat dissipation.