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Lab VIEW Program Design of Public Traffi c Station Broadcasting System

Minghui Wen

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Vol 1, Issue 1, 2018, Article identifier:

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The development of traffi c information for us, is a sign of the development of civilized society. This topic uses the
advanced technology idea to provide a transportation information automation solution. This paper introduces the
virtual instrument and its development background. Through the study and research of the virtual instrument, the
software tool is used to realize the simulation of the bus station display system. The design of this topic is: the use of
LabVIEW in a variety of controls to achieve the simulated bus station display station and the car temperature display,
the number of current time display. The advantage of virtual instrument is used to realize the display part of the
transportation terminal service system based on the operating system. Lab VIEW graphical programming interface,
with a good human-computer interface, convenient hardware connectivity, it is very popular for developers; Lab
VIEW technology updates quickly, I believe it not only in the traffi c information will be great Application, but also in
more and more areas to play a greater role!

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