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Structural Design of Industrial Robot

Tongbo Jiang

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Vol 1, Issue 1, 2018, Article identifier:

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The robot is a planar joint robot composed of three degrees of freedom. Its main function is to carry out the handling
and movement of precision instruments and objects. Because of the small size, simple transmission principle, is
widely used in the electrical and electronic industry, household appliances, precision machinery industry and other
fi elds. The whole system consists of robot, robot arm, joint, stepper motor drive system and so on. Through the degree
of freedom of the stepper motor drive, complete the robot, the robot arm position changes. Specifi c design content:
synchronous toothed belt drive design, screw nut design, the output shaft and shell design, stepper motor selection.
On the basis of checking the strength of the structure, we optimize the structure of the robot.

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