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Online security detection system design

Hongyan Han

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The 21st century is the information age, information has become an important strategic resource for social development, social information has become the development trend of the world today and the core, and information security in the information society will play a very important role. With the continuous development of computer networks, global information has become the trend of human development. However, because the computer network has the form of connection diversity, terminal distribution inhomogeneity and network openness, interconnection and other characteristics, resulting in the network vulnerable to hackers, malware and other malicious attacks, the former will cause unpredictable impact on the user , While the latter often causes the system to crash. Whether in the local area network or in the wide area network, there are natural and man-made and many other factors of vulnerability and potential threats. Therefore, the network security measures should be able to all aspects of a variety of threats and vulnerabilities, so as to ensure the confidentiality of network information, integrity and availability.  A t t h e beginning of this article, the beginning of this article, through the analysis of hacker behavior and typical attacks, summarizes the inevitable reasons for the existence of network security vulnerabilities, and summarizes the status of computer network security, as well as the specifi c concepts, classifi cation and limitations of vulnerability scanning technology. The focus of this paper is to improve the original system of the theme module, and the original system to add some features to make it more perfect function. Finally, the shortcomings of the system and some suggestions for further improvement and expansion are put forward.


network security scanning vulnerability

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