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by Xiaoliang Pan
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This topic is divided into two parts: (1) mobile phone interactive design of the status quo survey, including the mobile
phone market, the use of the crowd, the use of functions, keyboard and interface analysis. (2) Mobile interactive
design includes: design positioning, design requirements, innovation, tree structure, icon design. Analyze the
advantages and disadvantages of the existing mobile phone interface design through the current situation investigation.
Study the interface and operation of the smartphone SMS function of the students, understand the movement habits
and defects of the thumb, and analyze the relationship between the keyboard and the interface. So that the existing
mobile phone interface more humane, home interface under the control of the user.


by Minghui Wen
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The development of traffi c information for us, is a sign of the development of civilized society. This topic uses the
advanced technology idea to provide a transportation information automation solution. This paper introduces the
virtual instrument and its development background. Through the study and research of the virtual instrument, the
software tool is used to realize the simulation of the bus station display system. The design of this topic is: the use of
LabVIEW in a variety of controls to achieve the simulated bus station display station and the car temperature display,
the number of current time display. The advantage of virtual instrument is used to realize the display part of the
transportation terminal service system based on the operating system. Lab VIEW graphical programming interface,
with a good human-computer interface, convenient hardware connectivity, it is very popular for developers; Lab
VIEW technology updates quickly, I believe it not only in the traffi c information will be great Application, but also in
more and more areas to play a greater role!


by Tiantian Wu
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With the rapid development of science and technology, the demand for product diversifi cation is becoming stronger
and the product is getting faster and faster. Especially as plastic products and other light industrial consumer goods
production of high-speed growth, more and more complex shape of the mold, the accuracy requirements are getting
higher and higher. CNC machining, especially high-speed cutting technology to shorten the mold manufacturing
cycle, improve the mold surface quality, to maximize the need to adapt to the needs of market competition to provide
strong protection, while UG and other CAD/CAM software is also the digital manufacturing era, to achieve mold
design and manufacturing Rapid output to meet the user requirements of the performance of the necessary tools.
Based on the UG die CADCAM system development of key technologies and the specific implementation of the
method. At the same time the use of documents and database technology will be the actual production of enterprise
resources, such as tool library, equipment library, cutting parameter library and UG system related to the library fi le
synchronization management, to achieve resource sharing, and ultimately to UG-based mold CAD/CAM Seamless


by Tongbo Jiang
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The robot is a planar joint robot composed of three degrees of freedom. Its main function is to carry out the handling
and movement of precision instruments and objects. Because of the small size, simple transmission principle, is
widely used in the electrical and electronic industry, household appliances, precision machinery industry and other
fi elds. The whole system consists of robot, robot arm, joint, stepper motor drive system and so on. Through the degree
of freedom of the stepper motor drive, complete the robot, the robot arm position changes. Specifi c design content:
synchronous toothed belt drive design, screw nut design, the output shaft and shell design, stepper motor selection.
On the basis of checking the strength of the structure, we optimize the structure of the robot.


by Hongyan Han
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The 21st century is the information age, information has become an important strategic resource for social development, social information has become the development trend of the world today and the core, and information security in the information society will play a very important role. With the continuous development of computer networks, global information has become the trend of human development. However, because the computer network has the form of connection diversity, terminal distribution inhomogeneity and network openness, interconnection and other characteristics, resulting in the network vulnerable to hackers, malware and other malicious attacks, the former will cause unpredictable impact on the user , While the latter often causes the system to crash. Whether in the local area network or in the wide area network, there are natural and man-made and many other factors of vulnerability and potential threats. Therefore, the network security measures should be able to all aspects of a variety of threats and vulnerabilities, so as to ensure the confidentiality of network information, integrity and availability.  A t t h e beginning of this article, the beginning of this article, through the analysis of hacker behavior and typical attacks, summarizes the inevitable reasons for the existence of network security vulnerabilities, and summarizes the status of computer network security, as well as the specifi c concepts, classifi cation and limitations of vulnerability scanning technology. The focus of this paper is to improve the original system of the theme module, and the original system to add some features to make it more perfect function. Finally, the shortcomings of the system and some suggestions for further improvement and expansion are put forward.