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Calculation of Axial Compression Performance and Bearing Capacity of Angle Steel Spiral Reinforcement Composite Confined Concrete Composite Columns

Yichun Gong

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Vol 3, Issue 1, 2019, Article identifier:

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In order to study the axial compression performance of angle steel spiral rib composite confined concrete composite columns, monotonic static axial compression tests were carried out on 26 specimens of such composite columns and 3 specimens of angle steel confined concrete columns. The failure mode of the specimen was observed, and the bearing capacity and load-deformation curve of the specimen were obtained. Based on the failure mode, damage evolution, load-deformation curve and cross-section constraint stress distribution of the specimens during the whole stress process, the composite constraint mechanism and failure behavior of angle steel spiral reinforcement composite constraint concrete composite columns are analyzed. Based on Mander constitutive model, the calculation method of axial compressive bearing capacity of this kind of composite column is proposed by dividing different concrete constraint areas. The research results show that the axial compression failure process and shape of angle steel spiral rib composite confined concrete composite columns are similar to angle steel confined concrete columns, but the process of crack development and concrete spalling is slower. The load-deformation curve is more saturated and the damage development is slower. The bearing capacity, ductility and energy dissipation capacity have been significantly improved. The calculation results of the proposed axial compression bearing capacity calculation method are in good agreement with the test results.


Angle steel confined concrete; Spiral ribs; Combined column; Axial compression test; Calculation of bear ing capacity

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