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Influence of Vertical Inertia Force of Covering Soil on Seismic Damage Response of Shallow Buried Underground Frame Structure Shaking Table Model Test of Centrifuge

Feiyang Qin

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Vol 3, Issue 1, 2019, Article identifier:

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The existing research shows that the lateral deformation capacity of the middle column under different axial compression ratios is the key factor affecting the seismic performance of the shallow-buried frame subway station structure. In order to study the influence of the increase of axial compression ratio of columns caused by vertical earthquake on the seismic damage response of shallow-buried underground frame structures, a centrifuge shaking table model test for seismic damage of underground structures was carried out by adding steel sand to the overlying soil to reflect the vertical inertial force of the overlying soil. The test results show that the method of mixing steel sand with the soil cover on the structure has little influence on the dynamic characteristics of the soil-structure system and the horizontal relative displacement response of the top and bottom plates of the underground structure under earthquake.  Increasing the vertical inertial force of the overlying soil greatly changes the distribution of contact pressure between the surrounding rock and soil mass and the underground structure, thus changing the internal force state of each structural member and increasing the axial compression ratio of the key vertical bearing columns in the frame structure.  Increasing the vertical inertia force of the overlying soil results in the stress on the frame of the underground structure and the increased axial compression ratio of the central column, which makes the underground frame structure more prone to earthquake damage.


centrifuge shaking table model test; Vertical inertial force of overlying soil; Shallow buried underground frame structure; Earthquake damage response

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