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Pseudo-dynamic Test and Elasto-plastic Seismic Response Analysis of RC-CFST Composite Frame of Traditional Architecture

Gaoyi Xu

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Vol 3, Issue 1, 2019, Article identifier:

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Pseudo-dynamic tests are carried out on a traditional style building reinforced concrete (RC)- concrete filled steel tube (CFST) composite frame model with a scale ratio of 1/2 under seismic waves such as El Centro wave, Taft wave, Lanzhou wave and Wenchuan wave. The natural vibration frequency, acceleration, displacement and strain of the model are obtained. The failure process, restoring force characteristic curve and deformation capacity of the model structure are analyzed. The research shows that: Cottage is the first anti-seismic defense line of the model structure; With the increase of the peak acceleration of the input seismic wave, the natural frequency of the frame model decreases, and the acceleration amplification coefficient gradually decreases. The restoring force characteristic curve of the model structure presents a certain degree of "pinching" effect. The strain analysis shows that the longitudinal reinforcement of the gold column yields before the longitudinal reinforcement of the eave column. Cottage and concrete columns are the main energy dissipation components of the model structure. Based on the experimental results, the finite element analysis software SAP2000 is used to analyze the elastic-plastic seismic response of the test model frame. The calculated results are in good agreement with the experimental results. The calculation and analysis results show that the hinge order of the model frame is as follows: two sides of Cottage, bottom of golden column, bottom of eaves column, bottom of golden column CFST column and bottom of eaves column CFST column. Under the action of El Centro wave with a peak acceleration of 0.70g, the limit elastic-plastic interlayer displacement angle of the model column frame is close to the limit specified in the code, which indicates that the frame structure has a high seismic safety reserve.


Traditional Style Architecture; RC-CFST Composite Framework; Pseudodynamic Test; Seismic Erformance; Elasto-plastic Seismic Response Analysis

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