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Project Standard Design and Special Research Report

Lei Li

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Vol 1, Issue 2, 2017, Article identifier:

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According to uniform standard underground building design regulations draft, the central international plaza, A/B block of underground commercial design of Xuzhou city as an example, the system of underground construction in the planning and construction requirements, general layout design, disaster prevention design three basic framework and 6 architectural design problems, in order for new regulations smoothly promulgated engineering design reasonable feasibility verification.

In 2016, the standard quote Department of the Ministry of housing issued the standards for the construction of engineering standards in 2017 and revised plans (Draft), which lists 4 categories of total 113 standard researches, studies and revision plan. Including the national mandatory standards for construction projects, including technical specifications of outdoor water supply projects in public buildings and other 29 standards; and the construction of the recommended national standards, including public fiber broadband access project technical standards, civil air defense basement design standards for total 46 standards. "The underground building design standard" is a research branch, which belongs to the "planning technology ", is still in the stage of compilation of technical demonstration, "Xuzhou City Central International Plaza, AB block" was selected as a trial design project, which is designed by LIANCHUANG construction design company, and it make the "standardized underground architectural design draft " to the actual technical demonstration.


underground commercial building, streamline, clear height, walking system, fire separation, sunken square

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