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Spatial Three-dimensional Technology of Special-shaped Pier Based on BIM

Hongli Yu, Wenliang Long, Jia Qing, Yuangu Xiong

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Vol 1, Issue 1, 2017, Article identifier:33-40

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The development of society pushes people to pay increasing attention to the appearance of bridges apart from their quality and safety. It turns to be an inevitable trend of the emergence of bridges with novel forms and unique shapes, which could not only meet traffic demand, but also effectively integrate with their surrounding environment to form a beautiful landscape. However, complicated structure and unique shape make it difficult of the bridge construction. As the basic part of construction, pier model affects the construction of pier formwork and pier reinforcement. Currently, BIM has been widely used in the construction industry in China. Nevertheless, there has not been any cases of the formwork design nor reinforcement processing of spatial three- dimensional special-shaped pier. And it is the first time for the construction of spatial three-dimensional special-shaped bridge. So it is of great significance of the analysis on spatial three-dimensional technology of special-shaped pier based on BIM to promote the development of construction industry.


spatial three-dimensional; BIM; formwork; reinforcement

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