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Construction Progress Control And Management Measures Analysis

Jie Fang, Yan Li, Qi Liao, Zenghui Ren, Baohong Xie

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Vol 2, Issue 1, 2018, Article identifier:

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The construction schedule control of construction project is within the prescribed period of time to develop a scientific and reasonable plan, and when executed timely check construction progress, the knowledge of construction progress, and then analyzed the construction plan, timely correcting and deal with the deviation, and take effective solutions to promote the project smoothly.

Construction engineering plays an important role in economic development, so it can guarantee the quality of construction.

This paper analyzes the management of construction engineering construction progress control and control methods of construction engineering project, the aiming at the influence factors of construction engineering construction progress, the control and management measures are put forward for reference.


construction engineering, construction progress, control management

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