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Development of Finite Element Solver for Welding Analysis

Abid Ali Khan, Farzeen Shahid, Ihtzaz Qamar

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Vol 2, Issue 2, 2018, Article identifier:

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Welding is a process of joining the similar or different metals. Improper welding process leads to inaccuracies and misalignments of structural members, causing high cost and delays in work. Therefore, it is essential to predict the temperature field during welding process. Different techniques can be used to predict the temperature field, which may lead to structure distortion. The present study aims to develop a finite element solver for transient heat conduction analysis. The final solution is calculated from the assumed solution and compared with the numerical computations. The solver is then modified for use of moving heat source. The modification comprise, change in governing equations with the inclusion of phase change. The moving heat source continuously increases the temperature during motion. When the heat source completes a pass, model is allowed to cool down in order to study the temperature distribution during cooling.


Moving Heat Source; Transient Heat Conduction; Welding Simulation; Dissimilar Metals; Temperature field

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