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Study on Maintenance and Management Measures of Municipal Drainage System

Peitao Huang, Ming Zhang, Xiao Zhang, Yuning An, Weiming Lu

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Vol 2, Issue 2, 2018, Article identifier:

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With the continuous development of China's modern economy, it has greatly promoted the pace of the process of urbanization. In the construction of urban infrastructure, municipal drainage system occupies the main position, it can clear the city water, beautify the city, and create a comfortable living environment. In order to play the role of the municipal drainage system to the extreme, the relevant departments should put the drainage system's maintenance and management into practice, and find out the problem and solve it in time. Based on the operation of municipal drainage system, this paper discusses the problems encountered in the maintenance and management of drainage system, and puts forward effective solutions to the problems.


municipal drainage system; maintenance and management; measures

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