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Difficulty analysis and countermeasure discussion of building HVAC construction

Yafei Sun, Chenxi Zhang, Xinhe Wang, Shujuan Yuan, Guixin Zhu

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Vol 2, Issue 3, 2018, Article identifier:

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HVAC is a part of building equipment. The quality of HVAC engineering in buildings is directly related to whether buildings can be directly put into operation. Based on the importance of HVAC construction, we must master the relevant construction technology and analyze the difficulties in the construction, and ensure the overall level of the HVAC construction as far as possible. This article analyzes the difficult points of construction HVAC construction, focuses on the key countermeasures to deal with these problems, and provides a quality assurance for the construction of HVAC projects in China's construction projects.


HVAC construction; difficult analysis; improvement technology; solutions

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