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Existing problems and measures in safety management of chemical engineering

Yuepeng Liu, Zhigang Zhang, Quan Yang, Qiang Zhang, Zhen’an Liu

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Vol 2, Issue 3, 2018, Article identifier:

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For a country, the industry is a very important system, the embodiment of the country's comprehensive national strength, the country's economic development level and the development of science and technology level has direct impact on industry. The development of chemical industry also has great impetus to the national economic development. The technical requirements for chemical engineering are particularly high. Because of the danger of the chemical itself, safety becomes the first thing to notice in the construction process. In order to prevent the occurrence of danger in the actual construction process, the safety of chemical engineering construction is made, and the effective safety management is the most critical step. A reliable safety management is the guarantee for the smooth construction of the construction, so the early safety management becomes the key to the development of the chemical industry. Chemical engineering is an extremely complex and changeable system, and the kinds of problems involved are very many, which requires the construction personnel to pay more attention to ensure the safety. In order to implement the safety management measures in the process of chemical engineering construction, it is necessary for the management personnel to strictly control the whole construction process. In case of any problem, we should deal with it in a timely manner and pay more attention to the details. We should pay attention to fire prevention, pollution prevention and anti-explosion prevention. Technical personnel should pay more attention to technical problems and eliminate safety hazards. The construction company must also strengthen the personal quality of the project management personnel and other issues. It is necessary to examine personal responsibility and safety awareness and avoid unnecessary losses caused by various construction safety issues to the company[1].


Chemical engineering; safety management; construction problems

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