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Cost Management of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Project Based on Bim Technology

Lifa Zhang, Zhibo Dong, Lizhuang Zhang, Aiping Zu, Liang Yang

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Vol 2, Issue 4, 2018, Article identifier:

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With the further development of social economy and science and technology, society has brought new impetus and new challenges for the development of mechanical and electrical engineering. In order to safeguard the sound operation of mechanical and electrical engineering, we must take into account the management effect of project costs while strictly controlling the construction quality of electromechanical engineering projects. There have been some attempts to apply BIM technology to the cost management of electromechanical engineering projects. In this environment, this paper takes the cost management of mechanical and electrical engineering projects of BIM technology as the research object. First, it briefly introduces the theory and characteristics of BIM technology. On the basis of this, it points out the advantages of cost management in combination of electromechanical engineering and BIM technology. Finally, the actual application of this technology in the cost control of electromechanical engineering projects is the final point of view, in order to provide a reference for the project construction time, energy saving, project quality assurance and so on.


BIM technology; cost management; mechanical and electrical engineering projects; application

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