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Research on Pipeline and Material Optimization Design of Chemical Engineering Equipment

Peng Bai, Zhijie Zhao, Suzhen Ma, Bin Xue, Yongjie Tian

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Vol 2, Issue 4, 2018, Article identifier:

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Over the past few years, China’s economic development has been swift, and the economic investment in science and technology has gradually increased and it has achieved great development. Therefore, China’s chemical industry has achieved notable achievements. As the chemical industry is closely connected with our daily life and plays a significant role, so to a great extent, people are increasingly concerned about the issue of building chemical engineering. During the construction of chemical engineering projects, design work is particularly important. When an entire chemical engineering project is in production, most of the substances involved in the reaction are either harmful or flammable and explosive. If these materials are not handled properly due to negligence, they will pose a serious threat to the safety and health of workers. Therefore, when designing chemical engineering projects, it is necessary to rationally design the installation of pipeline equipment and to strengthen the pre-control of related materials. In the construction of chemical engineering, the most important procedural step is the layout of equipment piping. Because it is the core device of the whole project, it plays a very important role in the operation. The quality of it will be directly related to the completion of the work of a whole chemical engineering. In addition, considering the personal safety, the design of the project is optimized to ensure the life, health and safety of each worker. Therefore, based on the basic principles of design, this paper studied the design of pipelines and materials for optimization of chemical engineering equipment and carried out a comprehensive analysis to provide a certain reference value for chemical engineering, so as to promote the development of chemical engineering[1].


Chemical engineering; equipment pipeline; layout; material optimization

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