Vol 2 , No 1 (Published)

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by Yanlun Shi, Jian Wang, Yongbo Qu, Zhihong Lang, Hongjiao Liu
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 Since the reform and opening up, the national economy of our country has been developing steadily and steadily, and the overall level of urbanization and industrialization has been upgrading rapidly.Behind its growth is increasingly serious environmental problems, and environmental protection engineering as a key project of ecological environment governance, its process management level and quality are related to the balance of the entire ecological environment.If we want to further improve the overall efficiency and quality of the project and fundamentally realize the standardization and standardization of the environmental protection project, we should strengthen the whole process control and management of the environmental protection project, and promote the full coverage of the whole process control management.In view of this, this article on the importance of the whole process control management focuses on environmental protection projects, according to the actual management of risks in the process to carry on the understanding and control, and make proper treatment, to strengthen risk management and process control of environmental engineering[1].

Original Research Articles

by Yong Ding, Xian Zhang, Qiaohong Liu, Ya Wang, Yangci Shao
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With the development of China's economy, people's living standards are increasing, and the requirements for the living environment are also increasing. In order to meet the requirements of people's living environment while meeting the use of function, the idea of green environmental protection should be paid attention to in the process of engineering design. This paper analyzes the importance of the concept of green environmental protection, and analyzes how to adhere to the concept of green environmental protection.

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by Xiangliang FU, Mingming LIU, Xingsheng WANG, Jian YIN, Ping SU
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Since the reform and openning-up, relationship between construction industry and economic market in China has had fundamental changes, and has laid good foundation for updating and reforming of domestic architectural technologies influenced by continuous increase of total market investment. In the construction process of architectural engineering project, as the basic structure of the entire building, theoretical system of construction technologies in civil engineering should be deeply studied in the future to fully satisfy strategic requirements of modern construction system, innovation of original and core technologies should be emphasized to improve civil engineering technology and construction means and play a positive role for maximum construction benefits of civil engineering, and it has great practical significance. The article has made all-round representation on authority and importance of construction technology innovation of civil engineering architecture from the global perspective, discussed and exchanged construction technology features of civil engineering in current period, continuously deepened innovation and reforming of construction technology of civil engineering to effectively facilitate improvement of natures of the building based on summary of construction experience of engineering oriented with technical innovation.  

Original Research Articles

by Jie Fang, Yan Li, Qi Liao, Zenghui Ren, Baohong Xie
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The construction schedule control of construction project is within the prescribed period of time to develop a scientific and reasonable plan, and when executed timely check construction progress, the knowledge of construction progress, and then analyzed the construction plan, timely correcting and deal with the deviation, and take effective solutions to promote the project smoothly.

Construction engineering plays an important role in economic development, so it can guarantee the quality of construction.

This paper analyzes the management of construction engineering construction progress control and control methods of construction engineering project, the aiming at the influence factors of construction engineering construction progress, the control and management measures are put forward for reference.

Original Research Articles

by Xianghui Zhang, Weiming Ji, Yan Qi, Liguang Li, Mazhi Shi
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With the rapid development of the construction industry, more and more high demands are put on the important modern mechanical and electrical engineering. Many aspects of the mechanical and electrical engineering construction have an impact on the quality of the building. This paper analyzes the principles and methods of construction quality control of electromechanical engineering. In view of the influencing factors of electromechanical construction quality, an innovative method is proposed for reference.

Original Research Articles

by Ahmed Hamed Hussein
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Classical rough set theory (RST) can't process incomplete information system (IIS) because it is based on an indiscernibility relation which is a kind of equivalent relation. In the literature a non-symmetric similarity relation based rough set model (NS-RSM) has been introduced as an extended model under IIS with ``?" values directly. Unfortunately, in this model objects in the same similarity class are not necessarily similar to each other and may belong to different target classes. In this paper, a new inequivalent relation called Maximal Limited Consistent block relation (MLC) is proposed. The proposed MLC relation improves the lower approximation accuracy by finding the maximal limited blocks of indiscernible objects in IIS with ``?" values. Maximal Limited Similarity rough set model (MLS) is introduced as an integration between our proposed relation (MLC) and NS-RSM. The resulted MLS model works efficiently under IIS with ``?" values. Finally, an illustrative example is given to validate MLS model. Furthermore, approximation accuracy comparisons have been conducted among NS-RSM and MLS. The results of this work demonstrate that the MLS model outperform NS-RSM.