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Original Research Articles

by Rajalingam B, Priya R
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Medical image fusion is one the most significant and useful disease analytic techniques. This research paper proposed and examines some of the hybrid multimodality medical image fusion methods and discusses the most essential advantages and disadvantages of these methods to develop hybrid multimodal image fusion algorithms that improve the feature of merged multimodality therapeutic image. Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Positron Emission Tomography and Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography are the input multimodal therapeutic images used for fusion process. An experimental results of proposed all hybrid fusion techniques provides the best fused multimodal medical images of highest quality, highest details, shortest processing time, and best visualization. Both traditional and hybrid multimodal medical image fusion algorithms are evaluated using several quality metrics. Compared with other existing techniques the proposed technique experimental results demonstrate the better processing performance and results in both subjective and objective evaluation criteria. This is favorable, especially for helping in accurate clinical disease analysis.

Original Research Articles

by Shuo Yuan, Yanqing Wang, Limin Kang, Zhengquan Yu, Yong Feng
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With the progress of the times, the construction industry has undergone great changes and development, and has received more attention. When people treat a thing, it is necessary to consider its quality. The quality of engineering is of vital importance to a construction project, which should not only meet people’s living needs, but also guarantee peopl’s life and property safety. Therefore, this article will from the significance of quality management and control in the construction engineering, respectively discuss the architectural engineering quality problems causes and solutions, so as to effectively enhance the level of the current construction project quality. In fact, it is also a ‘shortcut’ to improve the competitiveness of enterprises[1].

Original Research Articles

by Shutian Sun, Kunxue Huang, Yu Hu, Zhixin Xing, Qingjiang Su
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At present, with the continuous deterioration of the ecological environment and the gradual deepening of human understanding of the relationship between man and nature, the construction of an ecological city has become the trend and inevitable urban construction in the future. Finding harmonious development among cities, human beings, and the natural environment through the construction of the ecological environment is an inevitable choice for human and urban development. In order to provide sufficient theoretical exploration for the construction of ecological cities, this paper first introduced the two important concepts of ecological environment and environmental engineering and the necessity of ecological construction. On the basis of this, it analyzes the various obstacles and predicaments in the current construction of ecological cities and achieves the purpose of clarifying the problems; finally, it proposes corresponding countermeasures[1].

Original Research Articles

by Peng Bai, Zhijie Zhao, Suzhen Ma, Bin Xue, Yongjie Tian
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Over the past few years, China’s economic development has been swift, and the economic investment in science and technology has gradually increased and it has achieved great development. Therefore, China’s chemical industry has achieved notable achievements. As the chemical industry is closely connected with our daily life and plays a significant role, so to a great extent, people are increasingly concerned about the issue of building chemical engineering. During the construction of chemical engineering projects, design work is particularly important. When an entire chemical engineering project is in production, most of the substances involved in the reaction are either harmful or flammable and explosive. If these materials are not handled properly due to negligence, they will pose a serious threat to the safety and health of workers. Therefore, when designing chemical engineering projects, it is necessary to rationally design the installation of pipeline equipment and to strengthen the pre-control of related materials. In the construction of chemical engineering, the most important procedural step is the layout of equipment piping. Because it is the core device of the whole project, it plays a very important role in the operation. The quality of it will be directly related to the completion of the work of a whole chemical engineering. In addition, considering the personal safety, the design of the project is optimized to ensure the life, health and safety of each worker. Therefore, based on the basic principles of design, this paper studied the design of pipelines and materials for optimization of chemical engineering equipment and carried out a comprehensive analysis to provide a certain reference value for chemical engineering, so as to promote the development of chemical engineering[1].

Original Research Articles

by Xuhua Shao, Yayong Li, Runbing Yang, Chunhui Chen
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In recent years, with the rapid development of China’s social economy, significant advances have also been made in the field of construction engineering. At the same time, with the advancement of urbanization and the increase in the demand for the construction of various infrastructure and service facilities, the number of construction projects has continued to increase. In project construction, project cost control plays a vital role. Implementing effective cost control measures at all stages of the project is an important task to ensure the company's economic benefits. Hereon, this article focuses on the importance of project cost, the factors that affect the cost control, and the related measures to reasonably control the cost at various stages of the project. It is hoped that this will have a certain reference value and will contribute to the improvement of project cost management and control.


Original Research Articles

by Xiao Li, Qiantu He
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When constructing the tower beam in a traditional way, the tower beam will be simultaneously constructed with the tower column, it asks for a complicated construction procedure, difficult construction organization, long operating cycle, and highly increased construction cost. With the progress of technology, Asynchronous construction scheme of the tower column and tower beam is adopted and applied. This paper is based on the case of asynchronous construction of the H-type cable tower and beam of the six large-span Ao jiang Bridges.

Original Research Articles

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Within the complexity of the industrial production strategies, computer aided technologies have been becoming a survival key for company administrators for reducing expenses. Furthermore, new production methods and adaptation of dynamic market requirements force owners to apply computer aided solutions to reduce to production time of goods to the market. Nowadays, prefabricated concrete producers are facing the same problem and trying to apply new solutions to overcome these high costs. In this research, artificial neural networks and traditional glass fiber testing methods were compared to reduce the quality control and assurance processes of prefabricated glass fiber reinforced concrete (GRC) production. 143 different four-point flexural test results of glass fiber reinforced concrete mixes with the varied parameters as temperature, fiber content and slump values were introduced the artificial neural networks models. The proportional limit properties (LOP) of glass fiber reinforced concrete and trained neural network analysis are taken into consideration for comparison. The outcomes of the analysis reflected that there is a strong correlation between the proportional limit of glass fiber reinforced concrete on-site test and the artificial swarm-based optimization algorithm results. Depending on this secure data, on-site test quantities are reduced and checked for cost deduction of traditional test results.

Review Articles

by Peng Zhao, Xuliang Zhuang, Wenzhong Liu, Bing Liang, Xuan Yang
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With the development of our country's economy and society, the level of science and technology is constantly improving, and the construction industry is also booming. The construction technology has greatly affected the quality of civil engineering. Due to the rapid development of social economy, people's economic level and living standards have greatly improved. Therefore, people's requirements for the quality of civil engineering are getting higher and higher. Therefore, the construction company must continuously improve and innovate the civil engineering construction technology, and improve the quality of the construction project to meet the social needs.

by Xiaoyu Si, Xiangru Zhao, Xiangru Zhao, Lihua Wang, Lihua Wang, Baosen Du, Baosen Du, Liping Wu, Liping Wu
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Since the reform and opening up, China has invested a lot of painstaking efforts in the field of science and technology, which has greatly promoted the progress and development of science and technology in China. The rapid development of science and technology has effectively promoted the progress of all walks of life. In terms of construction industry, the application of advanced construction technology lays a technical foundation for the effective improvement of construction quality and construction efficiency. The following is the analysis of the application of pile surrounding construction technology in building engineering, and how to improve the quality of pile foundation construction. It is necessary to ensure that the construction technology of pile foundation can give full play to its advantages in construction engineering and meet the carrying demand of construction projects.

by Zhishan Niu, Yanfeng Zhao, Junjun Hu, Deyong Wang, Lin Dong, Lijun Wang
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The development of electrical automation engineering control system is the foundation of modern industrial development in China, and also an important embodiment of the rapid development of modern technology. The application of electric automation technology can not only improve work efficiency, but also reduce enterprise cost. Based on this, the current situation and development trend of electrical automation engineering control system are studied for reference by relevant staff.

by Hongliang Xu, Zhenzhong Huo, Weiling Zhu, Min Yang, Jianhua Xu
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In recent years, with the rapid development of urban development and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, China's construction industry has also achieved remarkable development. In order to meet the needs of urbanization, many large buildings and high-rise buildings have been built up. These buildings are usually large, so they put forward higher and higher requirements for the technical level of engineering construction. Whether it is for the stability or safety of buildings, it must be continuously improved. Basic design is a key part of the structural design of a building. For the safety of buildings, natural disasters or accidental injuries can have extremely bad effects on urban development and people's life. This paper briefly discusses the basic design analysis in architectural structure design, and seeks the key technology in this process to provide a guarantee for the safety of the building.

by Jian Li, Peng Liu, Chengfu Yan, Jinhui Huo, Qiang Liu
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As the infrastructure project in the city, municipal road is the quality of urban transportation service, which determines the city image and government image. Therefore, the relevant units and personnel must strengthen the efforts of municipal road quality control, management of municipal road test in order to ensure the quality of municipal roads can satisfy the stability and bearing requirements.

by Tong Liu, Zhijun Cao, Liang Cheng, Yanfeng Liu, Haipeng Zhang
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With the rapid development of science and technology in China, a large number of scientific and modern technologies have been developed and widely used. Among these technologies, electronic engineering technology has received great attention in many domestic industries and has been widely applied. Over the years, the technology of electronic engineering modernization not only is very common in many large-scale projects, but also in the production of household appliances facilities and intelligent integration of manufacturing facilities has a universal application. As one of the modern technologies, electronic engineering technology and modern society People's Daily life and work are closely related. According to the research achievements in this field over the years, the article focuses on analyzing the trend of the development of modern electronic engineering technology, to make contribution to further with the research and application of this technology.

by Cuigang Song, Yang Liu, Changqing Zhou, Long Wen, Yunfei Zhao
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As one of the main types of construction projects in China, the goal of the construction of buildings is providing people with a good and safe living and working space. The significance of construction quality management is also self-evident. At the same time, the effective implementation of construction quality management of housing construction projects has a very realistic impact on the construction enterprises themselves. Therefore, building enterprises should actively study the improvement and optimization of construction quality management.

by Honglei Xu, Jianguo Wang, Suwan Liu, Adong Xu, Yongfen Zhang
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The arrival of the current economic era has greatly stimulated the sound and rapid development of Chinas overall national strength and has promoted the constant progress of all walks of life. With the acceleration of urbanization, the construction industry in China is constantly improving its technical level and expanding the industry scale. The main factors and countermeasures for construction project management are to improve the importance of the entire construction project. In this process, it is necessary to strictly supervise the relevant national departments to ensure their quality, and combine them with the management factors and countermeasures to improve. In view of the main factors and Countermeasures of construction engineering management, the construction quality and supervision are effectively controlled, and the quality of the construction is supervised and managed to ensure the safety and effective management of the whole construction quality. At the same time, it is necessary to continuously improve the countermeasures in this process, so that future construction projects can be more effective.

by Lifa Zhang, Zhibo Dong, Lizhuang Zhang, Aiping Zu, Liang Yang
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With the further development of social economy and science and technology, society has brought new impetus and new challenges for the development of mechanical and electrical engineering. In order to safeguard the sound operation of mechanical and electrical engineering, we must take into account the management effect of project costs while strictly controlling the construction quality of electromechanical engineering projects. There have been some attempts to apply BIM technology to the cost management of electromechanical engineering projects. In this environment, this paper takes the cost management of mechanical and electrical engineering projects of BIM technology as the research object. First, it briefly introduces the theory and characteristics of BIM technology. On the basis of this, it points out the advantages of cost management in combination of electromechanical engineering and BIM technology. Finally, the actual application of this technology in the cost control of electromechanical engineering projects is the final point of view, in order to provide a reference for the project construction time, energy saving, project quality assurance and so on.