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Global positioning system application for monitoring of the engineering infrastructure facility safety

SEVIL N. Tabasaranskaya 1, BAHAR N. Aliyeva 2, NAMIG Rahimov 3, RUSTAM B. Rustamov 4

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Vol 3, Issue 1, 2018, Article identifier:

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Oil and gas companies need to ensure continuous operation of critical equipment, no matter how remote. This means knowing exactly where your fleets and equipment are, how they are performing and identifying problems as they occur.
There are number of existing security systems developed to protect linear systems like oil pipelines for transportation of oil and gas products from the first point of development up to collection stations. In the current stage is the gap of the oil and gas pipeline systems security purposes of use of space technology advances. This paper dedicated to the subject of linear pipeline monitoring with use of global positioning system for observation of changes of land in the areas actively functioning of natural disaster factor[1].


Global Positioning System; Natural Disasters; Monitoring, Linear System; Engineering Facility Safety.

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