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The variation changes of the precipitation – runoff relationship

Jingjing Fan 1, Hongguang Zhang 1, Qiang Huang 2, Yunyun Li 2

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Vol 0, Issue 0, 2018, Article identifier:

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The variation of the rainfall-runoff relationship t will lead to the disappearance of the consistency assumption of engineering hydrology, which will influence the planning, design, operation management and development and utilization of water resources. Therefore, the variation diagnosis of the rainfall -runoff relationship has become one of the hot topics and key issues in this area. In this study, the variation points of the precipitation-runoff relationship are defined, the difference between the variation point and the mutation point is distinguished, and the method of variation classification is proposed based on the the dimensionless mean and variation coefficients. Then, a comprehensive diagnosis system of the rainfall-runoff relationship variation is constructed on the basis of systematically summarying and analyzing of the diagnosis method of rainfall - runoff relationship variation at home and abroad. Taking the Weihe River Basin as a case study, the comprehensive diagnosis system is verified by applying it to test the change point the annual runoff time series at the Huaxian hydrological station. And the results show that the comprehensive diagnosis method proposed in this paper is scientific and reasonable.


Hydrological elements; Vatiation changes; Comprehensive detecting system; Weihe River basin

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