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Kinematics and Dynamics Analysis of McPherson Suspension Based on Planar 1/4 Vehicle Model

Ye Minghui

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Vol 1, Issue 1, 2017, Article identifier:

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The nonlinear asymmetric problem of McPherson suspension has become a challenging problem in the process of
establishing the system model. This paper presents a planar 1/4-vehicle model that not only takes into account the
vertical vibration of the sprung mass (chassis), but also includes: ix spring mass (wheel assembly) sliding and rotation;
ii longitudinal wheel mass And its moment of inertia; iii tire damping and lateral defl ection. This dynamic kinematic
model provides a solution to two important shortcomings of the traditional 1/4 vehicle model: it explains geometric
modeling and tire modeling. This paper provides a systematic development of the planar model and a complete
mathematical equation. This analysis model can be applied to hardware in the rapid calculation of ring applications. In
addition, the model also gives a repeatable Simulink simulation implementation. The model has been compared with
the actual Adams / View simulation to analyze the vibration and rebound motion of the wheel, as well as two related
motion parameters: the dynamic characteristics of the camber and the pitch change.

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