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by Lei Pan
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CRH2 high-speed EMU is power source of traction drive system. The whole system is evenly distributed among the four basic units of the whole EMU, forming a complete combination of power sources. Large traction power, start smooth, fast and efficient, effectively inhibit the idle and taxi protection in place and other characteristics, and with a number of system chain control, to achieve smooth operation, multi-level speed and accurate parking.

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by Chen Jingrui
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In the most recent period, gasoline and diesel are still the main energy sources of the car. The new energy vehicles need to be solved in the near future. The new medium of the internal combustion engine and the alternative combustion vehicles. The medium-term scheme is to reduce the fuel consumption and emissions of the hybrid vehicles. The program is pure electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles. While new energy vehicles offer a wide range of alternative fuels for fuel-based fuels, hybrid vehicles, and fuel cell vehicles that use fuel and power systems for automotive hydrogen fuel cells, but because of the current level of technological development, search for a wide range of alternative fuels, the development of closer to the market of hybrid technology, is the development of alternative energy is the most practical step. And pure electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cells because of its technology is still difficult to achieve a revolutionary breakthrough, it is difficult to become the automotive industry's recent development goals. In today's social situation, the hybrid can be a better solution to fuel consumption problems and pollution problems. It will mainly introduce the advantages and feasibility of hybrid.

Original Research Articles

by Ye Minghui
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The nonlinear asymmetric problem of McPherson suspension has become a challenging problem in the process of
establishing the system model. This paper presents a planar 1/4-vehicle model that not only takes into account the
vertical vibration of the sprung mass (chassis), but also includes: ix spring mass (wheel assembly) sliding and rotation;
ii longitudinal wheel mass And its moment of inertia; iii tire damping and lateral defl ection. This dynamic kinematic
model provides a solution to two important shortcomings of the traditional 1/4 vehicle model: it explains geometric
modeling and tire modeling. This paper provides a systematic development of the planar model and a complete
mathematical equation. This analysis model can be applied to hardware in the rapid calculation of ring applications. In
addition, the model also gives a repeatable Simulink simulation implementation. The model has been compared with
the actual Adams / View simulation to analyze the vibration and rebound motion of the wheel, as well as two related
motion parameters: the dynamic characteristics of the camber and the pitch change.

Original Research Articles

by Yu Zhanning
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With the growing shortage of energy and environmental pollution problems, the community on the car's efficient, clean, economic and security put forward higher requirements. This paper introduces the history of fuel cell vehicles, the classification of electric vehicles, the fuel cell electric vehicle technology, the classification of fuel cells, the problems existing in fuel cell technology and the urgent need to be solved, and the development prospects of fuel electric vehicles, analyzes the fuel cell electric the key technology of automobile in development and application needs to be solved. Pointed out that the fuel cell as a new energy, with its high efficiency and zero pollution and other advantages of increasing attention, fuel cell electric vehicles and its technology has also been more widely applied and developed.

Original Research Articles

by Long Jianning
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In today's society, the speed of industrialization is accelerating, and communications between cities are becoming frequent and closer. It is fast and convenient to promote these rapid developments. Traditional transportation usually are fueled by oil which is burning non-renewable, and fuel that cannot be completely burned. Normally, they will be mainly released into the air in the form of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide, so fuel trucks bring serious energy and pollution to human’s environment. Therefore, according to the current development situation, this development trend is clearly inconsistent with the laws of human survival, so every country has to develop and improve their green environment. In recent years, some developed countries the electric car to protect the human living environment. The electric car is mainly use the power that stored in the battery stored as a power source to reduce the toxic gas emissions to the air. It can save the oil energy at the same time, so the battery charge is very important. This paper is based on DSP to design an electric vehicle charging power system, charging the battery, mainly for the current development of the status quo, designed clean and environmentally friendly car charging power. From the view of the above problems, this design is based on DSP to design an electric vehicle charging power system, through the DSP event manager to generate PWM control signal to drive thyristor, and then through the power electronics technology, AC-DC conversion DC power supply, and finally to Battery power supply, complete the design. Therefore, this article mainly from the following aspects: (1) DSP is applied in this design. The design of the use of DSP is mainly to the back of the power electronic circuit to provide thyristor drive signal, we know that the 2000 series DSP can provide dead zone PWM to control signal. In Texas Instruments, there are almost 2000 series of DSP are attributed for the MCU series. (2) The application of power electronics in this design. This design is to complete the charge to the battery, to obtain a certain DC power supply. Therefore, there will be using the power electronics technology, from the AC into DC, and lastly to the battery power supply, the entire design contains AC-DC circuit, SCR trigger Circuit, output voltage stabilization circuit.