Environment and Social Psychology

Online & Offline Marketing for Understanding Consumer Behavior

Submission deadline: 2023-06-30
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Dear colleagues,

As the internet grows in popularity, customers are more likely to share their experiences and information in online reviews. The majority of consumers recognize that online reviews can supply them with useful information regarding the products they will be purchasing prior to their purchase. Many of them influence their purchase decisions. Therefore, to maintain the customer satisfaction and the repurchase intention of customers, it is crucial that the business understands how to handle the customer experience and customer reviews in order to sustain the sustainable development. Additionally, customer service is one of the most critical selection factors for customers, and it is imperative that additional service is provided, especially after COVID-19.

By showing that the online review is important in affecting perceived value and identifying the contingency factors between attitudinal and behavioral variables, this special issue aimed to add new insights into the customer experience satisfaction path by revealing the significance of online reviews on perceived value and acted behavior. Further to that, this SI also targeted to collect research outcomes that will provide literature and managerial insights into the areas of customer behavior, service operations management, and marketing strategy planning as well as big data research methodology.

We welcome a diversity of articles, such as conceptual and empirical articles, reviews, critical comments, and meta-analyses, for submission to this SI. We will accept manuscripts from different disciplines, addressing topics related to the scope.

Dr. Hak-Seon Kim

Dr. Jue Wang

Ms. Narariya Dita Handani

Guest Editors


Customer behavior; Satisfaction; Online review; Customer experience; Electronic word of mouth (eWOM); Big data; Services marketing

Published Paper

Unlocking Customer Satisfaction of Halal Restaurant in South Korea through Online Review Analysis

Narariya Dita Handani;Hak-Seon Kim;
The purpose of this study is to examine customer satisfaction of halal restaurants that have received halal certification from the Korea Muslim Federation (KMF). A total of 1,544 reviews from 11 halal-certified restaurants in South Korea were collected from Google reviews using SCTM 3.0 (Smart Crawling and Text Mining). UCINET 6.0 is used to analyze the network centrality and perform CONCOR analysis. This study quantitatively identified the relationship among five dimensions: halal cuisine, Islamic dining, food menu, service and value. However, Islamic dining, service, and value were positively impacted to customer satisfaction. This study indicates that the Halal label is a significant factor in the dining preferences of halal restaurant customers in South Korea. The results of this study may be useful in marketing halal restaurants in South Korea which have not applied for halal certification from the Korea Muslim Federation.