Environment and Social Psychology

Organizational Happiness and Coping with Daily Stress

Submission deadline: 2023-05-31
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Happiness at work can be understood as "the emergent quality of the system of interactions resulting from the quality of communication and information flows within the organization" (Castro-Martinez & Díaz-Morilla, 2017, p. 4); this shows the close link between the two constructs: internal communication and happiness at work. Likewise, there is also an interrelationship between personal and organizational development at work and happiness or positive emotions. Effective organizational communication can also be related to improved interpersonal relationships and the work climate. Happiness at work is a construct that encompasses work and personal categories such as organizational engagement/compromise and is also linked to job satisfaction; it can be associated with higher work performance or productivity as well as greater psychological well-being, adjustment, adaptation, and life satisfaction. In connection with these aspects, several studies are beginning to incorporate the importance of coping with daily stress in which variables such as effective communication and mindfulness are relevant when talking about job performance and organizational happiness. There is evidence linking mindfulness with leadership, which is strengthened when this mindfulness enables the behavior and performance of team work, that improves the degree of cooperation and communication skills. It is precisely this special issue that focuses on all those variables such as coping with daily stress, burnout, engagement, mindfulness, and communication that can influence and modulate organizational happiness. You are invited to send empirical articles and literature reviews related to this thematic line from different areas of knowledge.


Prof. Dr. Francisco Manuel Morales Rodríguez

Guest Editor


Organizational Happiness; Coping Strategies; Daily Stress; Job and Life Satisfaction; Communication; Mindfullness; Health-promoting; Wellbeing; Interdisciplinary; Self-esteem

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