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Burden and Stress of Mental Disorder Caregivers

Submission deadline: 2023-10-31
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Caregivers who treat patients with mental disorders experience a greater burden and stress. Research in England and Spain informs that caring for patients with mental disorders has an impact on caregiver mental health problems such as burden and stress. It can be seen that caregivers who experience stress with all its symptoms can influence the implementation of treatment which has an impact on relapse.

Caregivers' burden and stress include aggressive behavior of patients who threaten the safety of themselves, their families and the environment which becomes a burden for caregivers. Mentally ill patients are at higher risk. This burden can play a role in triggering stress. Research has found that most caregivers experience stress that manifests physically and psychologically, such as difficulty sleeping, chest palpitations, anxiety, and even embarrassment to interact with other patients. Caregivers who experience moderate to severe stress are unable to treat optimally and eventually the patient relapses. Relapse has an impact on increasing the burden objectively and subjectively on caregivers. The role of caregivers while caring for patients with mental disorders is urgently needed, so that support for building positive coping and educating nurses in stress management is very helpful in reducing the burden on caregivers and stress.

This Special Issue on Burden and Stress of Mental Disorder Caregivers focuses on the current state of knowledge about caregivers living in life situations that are vulnerable or at risk for poor mental health, practical implications for health promotion action, and interdisciplinary collaboration between services to promote mental health. and caregiver welfare.

We welcome a variety of articles, such as conceptual and empirical articles, reviews, critical comments, and meta-analyses, for submission to this Special Issue. We will accept manuscripts from a variety of disciplines, covering topics related to the scope.

Prof. Dr. Ah Yusuf and Mr. Ronal Surya Aditya

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Caregiver; Mental Health; Well-Being; Early Intervention; Interdisciplinary Collaboration; Mental Disorder; Stress

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