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Technology-assisted Language Pedagogy

Submission deadline: 2023-08-31
Special Issue Editors

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Dear Colleagues,

The world is now based on the wheel of IoT (Internet of Things). Approaches and methods of language learning and teaching are becoming increasingly innovative and automated in language classes with technology mediations, e.g., smartphones, apps, software, Artificial Intelligence, Humanoid, web portals, etc. Hence, ubiquitous and self-regulatory learning is facilitated for developing different language skills, e.g., listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Thus, this Special Issue will focus on using different forms of technologies in shaping, promoting, and even constraining English language learning and teaching at any level of education. The context here is most widely defined, including geographical context, social context, linguistic context, educational context, pedagogical context, and situational context, amongst many others.

In this Special Issue, all submissions by the Journal’s author guidelines are welcome. Research areas may include (but not limited to) the following:

· Digital technology and media for teaching, instruction, and learning

· Development of the teacher's professional digital competences

· Software applicable in language teaching and learning

· Reflection of the technology-assisted language lesson e.g., Padlet, chatbots, or chatbots based.

· Teachers' perceptions of the use of digital technology in the language classroom

· Teacher and Student perception of e-learning

· Developing technology-proficient English language teachers

· Evaluating relevant and useful websites/portals/software for language teaching and learning.

· Language teachers' roles in CALL, MALL, or RALL contexts

We look forward to receiving your contributions!


Technology-assisted learning, CALL, MALL, RALL (Robot-Assisted Language Learning), Education technology, teacher's professional digital competencies, Technology in ELT

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