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Etymology and Onomastic Sciences in a New Era: Perspectives, Issues, Innovations, Progresses, and Solutions

Submission deadline: 2023-11-30
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Dear Colleagues,


In recent years, research on Etymology and Onomastic Sciences has, unfortunately, become a sort of ‘niche’ in the panorama of studies in Linguistics.


Historical Linguistics has often seen its prominent role denied by the preference of some Linguists for sub-disciplines more connected with the Social Sciences (e.g., Sociolinguistics) and with the Applied Sciences.


A part of the academic world seems to have forgotten William Jones and the fact that, without Historical Linguistics and Comparative Linguistics, Linguistics as a discipline, possibly, would not exist, at least not as one of the most significant and interdisciplinary fields in the Humanities and Social Sciences.  


This Special Issue of the Journal Forum in Linguistics Studies, entitled Etymology and Onomastic Sciences in a New Era: Perspectives, Issues, Innovations, Progresses, and Solutions, aims at collecting and publishing high-quality research papers in

  • Etymology,

  • Onomastics,

  • Toponomastics,

  • Lexicology,

  • Lexicography.


Articles dealing with

  • Language Deciphering and History of Writing,

  • Field Linguistics and Language Documentation,


Developed with an etymological / historical-linguistic approach, it will also be considered for publication.


Especially welcomed are studies dealing with the historical reconstruction of words, names, place names, anthroponyms, and phytonyms, as well as articles, focused on complex issues, such as, among others, the puzzle inherent in prehistoric homelands and settlement dynamics of prehistoric speakers through the etymological restitution and analysis of lexemes from different lexical and semantic groups and fields.


Original perspectives and an interdisciplinary approach should be integral components of the accepted papers.


We look forward to receiving your contributions! 


Historical Linguistics; Etymology;Onomastics; Toponomastics; Lexicology; Lexicography; Language Deciphering and History of Writing; Field Linguistics and Language Documentation; Toponyms; Anthroponyms; Phytonyms

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