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Effective Communication: The Core of Educational Success in the 21st Century

Submission deadline: 2023-03-31
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Dear colleagues,

Growth and development of an individual in personal and professional roles depends heavily on communication abilities in all the four language skill areas. Academic endeavor has focused on the dynamics of language learning and teaching and the unique challenges that its many aspects are fraught with. Even in this academic background, this gives communication and communicative ability a strategic place in all our lives. The most important function of communication is dissemination of information, a function which makes it indispensable in assessment of leadership qualities of managers at all levels of the organizational hierarchy.


Accordingly, this special issue invites scholarly research articles related to those areas of communication that remain unexplored so far:


1. Vaccine and Vaccination Communication

2. Role of Media and Communication amid Wars

3. Errors and Miscommunication in Child Language

4. Communication and Translanguaging in Hearing and Visually Impaired Communities

5. Education 4.0 for English Language Learning

6. Barriers in communication between speakers dialectically separated

7. Negotiation skills and communication

8. Horizontal communication strategies in MNCs

9. Fostering speaking skills in a foreign language

10. Communication in a flipped classroom

11. Using familiar literature in building communication skills


Another dimension of communication is the role of technology and the ways in which the two have become inextricably interconnected. Technological improvements have altered how we interact and consume media. They have fundamentally altered the way we work, and multimedia consumption presently dominates our leisure time. As a result, it is imperative that our insight of communication evolves in parallel with these changes; indeed, humanity’s ability to progress will depend on it. As a result, this special issue seeks to fill this gap by welcoming scholarly research articles with an objective approach rooted in the diverse aspects of the English language that appeals to a wide range of readers.

We look forward to receiving your contributions.


Communication; Language skill; Language learning and teaching; Translanguaging

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